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Waltendorfer Hauptstraße 31

Innenansicht Meine Bestellung

The newest location from what I gather. Built in the middle of the new apartment complex that was recently completed at Waltendorfer Hauptstraße. The surrounding area is very pretty, although I would've liked it if the City of Graz had added a bit more greenery. Aside from that, this is an absolutely great place to focus and get your tasks done!

What am I rating, actually?

The goal of this website is finding out which Martin Auer store in Austria is the best one to go to if you want to work or study. To that end I rate the availability of outlets for charging your devices, the wifi for browsing and to a smaller extent also the store and personnel. Although I have to say that with Martin Auer the personnel is usually very friendly and the food damn good.

The store

Inside the store you find the usual Martin Auer furnishing with the bread counter, the fridge chock full of Makava and the cookie cupboard. The general design however very much reminds of cafés in Taipei or Seoul! It is very modern and painted in a (for me) pleasing green.

This location also has full table service. The waiters were very attentive and I had my breakfast (Lachseiei) before me in a few minutes. Of course it tasted delicious.

The outlets

A veritable cornucopia of outlets! Under the leather seats you get three outlets for every table. At the 2-person bar tables you get an additional plug for every able. With this you'll always get a chance to charge your devices and don't have to worry about leaving 30 minutes in because you ran out of juice.

The Wi-Fi

Damn. The login worked smoothly here. I wasn't prepared for the sheer speed, though! It seems like the digitalisation initiative is in full force in this area and you have a whopping 150 Mbp/s download speed here. That really makes for a great working experience. Doesn't matter what you're doing.

The Conclusion

An absolute hit. Even though there's still families stopping by occasionally, I never had an issue with the noise becoming cumbersome. I can definitely recommend this location to anyone who wants to get away from home for a while and needs a place to work. Great job!

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