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St. Peter Hauptstraße 63

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This location is another one very close to me. I've noticed it for a while and have always wanted to stop by. Alas, this one is just purely a bakery. There are no chairs, no WiFi, no nothing. You can still get excellent food here on your way into the city, though. Since it is not a place to work however, I will not issue a rating.

What am I rating, actually?

The goal of this website is finding out which Martin Auer store in Austria is the best one to go to if you want to work or study. To that end I rate the availability of outlets for charging your devices, the wifi for browsing and to a smaller extent also the store and personnel. Although I have to say that with Martin Auer the personnel is usually very friendly and the food damn good.

The store

The store is more of a hole-in-the-wall than anything. The outside is designed in the same lovely wooden boards that you can see at some of the bigger stores. Inside is a room of maybe 5m² fitting just the usual bakery stuff and the fridge full of soft drinks. You still have most of the Martin Auer selection available!

The conclusion

I refuse to give this one a rating in regards to how nice it is to work from here. This location just isn't intended for that. Instead of giving a bad rating I reserve those for when there is an actual place to work and it's just bad.

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