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This location is somewhat in the south-east of Graz at the beautiful Schillerplatz. A very nice area that is served by an equally beautiful store. Sadly there are a few points that can rain on your parade if you come here.

The store

This store has a bit of an industrial flair. Less so than Tribeka, but definitely more than the other Martin Auer locations. It is in a somewhat darker tone, which gives it an elegant vibe. Also you have a beautiful sitting area with leather furniture. It is however closed if the sun is out. The outside area easily makes up for this, though!

Here you have full table service. So if you walk up to the coffee counter and order something, the expectation is that you'll take it "to go". The waiters and waitresses are very attentive and you should be feel very comfortable. As always: Don't forget to tip ;)

The food is of course great as always!

The outlets

Sadly, I wasn't able to find many. In total only four, and one of them is in the bad weather sitting area. The other three are available as a double outlet and one singular outlet. This means you only have 3-4 spots where you can charge your devices. If you plan on staying longer, be sure to fully charge your devices beforehand.

The WiFi

Maybe it just had a bad day, but the WiFi did not like me. In the first two hours of my stay I was not able to connect through the captive protal and had to use a personal hotspot on my phone. When I was finally able to connect I got an acceptable 10 Mbit/s download speed.

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