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Neufeldweg 99

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This week I was in Liebenau! -- The city plan of Graz is telling me I was actually in Jakomini. Oops. My excuse is that I've only been living here for two years. Oh well. I visited the store in Neufeldweg. The location and the service were splendid! Working here, however, is challenging.

What am I rating, actually?

The goal of this website is finding out which Martin Auer store in Austria is the best one to go to if you want to work or study. To that end I rate the availability of outlets for charging your devices, the wifi for browsing and to a smaller extent also the store and personnel. Although I have to say that with Martin Auer the personnel is usually very friendly and the food damn good.

The store

A small but cute shop, which is sharing its space with the neighboring florist. There's only two tables here. One near the window, which is very small. My laptop barely fit on the table next to my coffee. In the corner there's a bigger table with a bench. It's very popular with the guests who come here. Then you have your standard Martin Auer counter and the freezer with Makava, whey and other goodies!

The lady who runs the store was incredibly friendly. The moment I stepped in she informed me that this is a self-serve location. A-okay with me! It was really nice chatting with her and she always thanked me profusely. Don't forget to tip ;)

The outlets

There is one. Yes. One. It's directly behind the smaller table at roughly waist height. Otherwise you won't find any.

The Wi-Fi


There is no Wi-Fi here. I managed to do my work via a mobile hotspot from my phone. This is a fine emergency measure, but it does drain your battery very quickly.

The conclusion

I like the idea and realization of this location. The service was absolutely perfect and I felt very homey. But working here for longer than an hour or so iis simply not feasible. Since the store is fairly close to me, I might however come back with a friend at some point. Just for coffee.

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