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Körösistraße 64

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I've never really paid Geidorf a proper visit. Biking through it on the way to other appointments it always seemed nice enough! Finally I made it. And the Martin Auer in Körösistraße is quite nice indeed. Aside from some unlucky placement of the outlets and noise it has everything one could wish for. Including beautiful, giant windows to look out of when you're procrastinating on what you should be doing instead.

What am I rating, actually?

The goal of this website is finding out which Martin Auer store in Austria is the best one to go to if you want to work or study. To that end I rate the availability of outlets for charging your devices, the wifi for browsing and to a smaller extent also the store and personnel. Although I have to say that with Martin Auer the personnel is usually very friendly and the food damn good.

The store

On the outside it looks very familar. In fact if you look at some pictures, it's nearly indistinguishable from the one at Tummelplatz! It was quite busy on the outside, too. On the inside it looks pretty standard. While the store doesn't have a special vibe (unlike e.g. Waltendorfer Hauptstraße), it does have one thing I found very charming: Little study tables with two chairs and a movable desk lamp that you can adjust to your liking. This is actually very nice for when you're working without a screen. I highly recommend them.

The food was excellent as always. I once again had my current favorite Verona breakfast. Due to how busy it was I had to wait a while, but the wait staff was very attentive overall. (*hint hint* Tips)

The outlets

While there are plenty of outlets (I counted 6), the positioning is a bit awkward. You can find all of them near the window seats. Usually 2 per table at the window. If you're there when it's busy you might struggle to find a spot there, since they're very popular. I originally sat at one of the study tables and then moved to the window when I got the chance.

The Wi-Fi

Really good! Logging in was trouble-free and I managed to get an average of 75 Mbp/s down throughout my stay. I'm always so happy when I see that number go up and up. I had no connectivity issues whatsoever and was able to complete my todo list without interruptions.

The conclusion

I like it! You can feel very comfortable here if you're doing offline work or if you don't need intense focus. If you're sensitive to background noise, I recommend bringing decent headphones. Then you shouldn't have much problem getting your work and/or studies done.

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