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Hans-Sachs-Gasse 4

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This location used to be my most frequented one until recently, as I lived just around the corner. It is also one of the most central Martin Auer locations you can find. Naturally it's very busy here! It's a great place to work and study, which (depending on your situation) comes with one flaw.

The store

Very modern style, plenty of sitting opportunities. Personally I like sitting at the bar tables near the window. At the counter you can find your typical selection of pastries and sandwiches. To the right you have the coffee counter. Outside you also have plenty of space to sit and relax. If you do sit outside however, there's no table service.

As expected the food is excellent! The service personnel is very friendly and courteous. Don't forget to tip ;)

The outlets

There are enough here so you don't have to panic if your battery is running low. I counted a total of 7. I especially recommend the benches in the corner next to the coffee counter. There you have a total of 4 outlets. At the bar tables you can find another 2 and the last one is underneath a bench in the corner. You should easily be able to find the right place for yourself.

The WiFi

With 19 Mbit/s download speed you can focus on your work and studies without worries. The connection is stable and logging into the network works flawlessly.

The flaw

If you come here for a concentrated work or study session, you should bring some quality headphones. This location has a partnership with the day care "Die Kinderfreunde" next door and families are explicitly welcomed. If you have a family, this is great! However it does come with a certain noise level. Active Noise Cancellation is highly advised.

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