Unofficial Rating List

Wait, what?

Yes. Exactly. This project is based on an ongoing meme in my friend circle about how good the products and stores of the local bakery chain - Martin Auer - are.

Personally I enjoy working from there as these stores have a chill vibe, fast internet and really good food and coffee. Finish it off with friendly service staff and you've really got something.

But among the 35 locations - 32 in Graz, 2 in Klagenfurt, 1 in Vienna - which is the best one?

This project aims to find out exactly that! So for the next half year or so I will bike/take a train to a different location every Friday, check out the situation there and give it my personal rating.

I will take into account the following important indicators:

  • Does it have places to sit?
  • Are there enough outlets?
  • Is the WiFi fast enough?

And of course I will check if the food and coffee is good. All this together will make for a final five star rating. So join me on my completely nonsensical quest to find the best Martin Auer location in Austria!

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